So I was taking a shower and had this idea. Why don’t I just. No wait. I was in bed and thinking to myself.

What would be the most awkward thing to write about?

What would be the thing that makes me cringe and want to crawl into my own hermit-like room womb?

And then I remembered this gem.


First things first. The numbering is pretty random but what I have decided is to make the first part my age. And then the following number is which memory this is, in reference to other recalled memories. Now, this sequence is entirely random as most of you know memories tend to be a sloppy toss up of hit and miss.

But following this disastrous dewey-decimal-doppelganger, this would then be a memory that occurred when I was thirteen. And in the recall sequence, it is number one.

So when I was young.

This is already so cringe-worthy and I feel like my hands are numb just at the prospect of talking about this.

You know when your hands get clammy and weak due to anxiety or whatever. That is me. Right now. At this time.


When I was young I always had ideas. Talking to my dad the other day he was like.

“Yeah, you always tried so many things.”

The truth is I never stopped. I am still trying to find that magic thing. Purpose. Passion. Whatever.

So my cousin and I used to make these random tapes. And this one time we were. Let’s just call it – creatively inspired.

And I did mean to say tapes. As in VCR.

So our ‘creative inspiration’ came from another cousin that recently auditioned for Idols, a spin-off from the American Idol franchise.

Now I don’t know if we made this video as a joke or if it was to see if we were any good. But we took a video from a very famous pop band at that time and remade it.

That sounds normal and fun and innocent. And it mostly was.

Until you conjure into memory the following …

Step One – Take this music video

Step Two – Add a hose pipe spraying water (for added production value)

Step Three – Add an old fashioned Tape video recorder

and lastly,

Step Four – Add two pubescent teenage boys in the middle of a driveway in school uniforms.

sidebar…I really don’t know why I thought it was cool to spend most of my time after school in school uniform. As a teacher now, I can’t wait to get out of my school attire.

See what I did there. I tried to make myself less awkward by talking about my school uniform.

You might think this isn’t that bad. If you do, then you haven’t really imagined it. You haven’t imagined the people looking at us from the roadside. Pointing and laughing.

You haven’t gone into the fast forward where your parents showed videos from yesteryear and then this awkward rendition pops up in a room full of family members.

Can you feel the awkwardness yet?

Now years later I can laugh about it. Mostly because I forgot about it. But this was just one random memory. There are loads more. And I am sure the deeper I delve, the more awkward it will become.

p.s. My cousin and I are still making music, so maybe this was just one step in that journey.

#Feel iT